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CI/CD Spotlight Community Call Bi- Weekly Click here to be added to distribution list or to signup to present.
CI/CD 5+ Training Camp (For distributed CI/CD Tools) Quarterly Click here to register for the current 5+ Sessions.
  • Mar 4 - Mar 8 (Spring session - Completed)
  • Jun 10 - Jun 14 (Spring session - Completed)
  • Sep 10 - Oct 4
  • JTBD (Winter session - will be announced)
Hands on session: Pipeline as a Code Play recording (1 hr 12 min 29 sec)
Extended CI/CD 5+ Training by CIO As Needed Click here to access the recordings
Mainframe CI/CD Training Camp On Going basis Click here to register for Mainframe Camps
Cloud Symposium & CI/CD Day Bangalore - Oct 14 - 15
Gurgaon - Oct 17 - 18
UK - Oct 21 - 22
Click here to access the content from the Cloud Symposium in Phx
Jira / Confluence Training Camp Quarterly Coming Soon

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CI/CD 5+ Training

Get up to speed on the relevant CI/CD capabilites for your role with quarterly training courses.
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Discover how-to videos and guides for enterprise tools across all the CI/CD capabilities.

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