Moving to enterprise-grade internet service with a Tier-1 ISP like Tata Communications’ through its fibre help businesses embrace host of network services with single connection, benefits of the cloud, deliver reliable and enjoyable customer experiences, boost your employees’ productivity, and keep your digital assets secure. This standard of performance is guaranteed through SLAs and maintained by dedicated support staff.

Such a connection avoids the common pitfalls of lower-grade internet provided by locals ISPs, including lag, downtime, lax security, and low bandwidth. All of these can have a serious detrimental impact on the business’s employees, its customers, and its reputation.

While we offer our services at competitive rates, the exact cost depends on your business’s requirements. Since your building already has existing fibre connections serving other resident companies there, the costs are significantly lower than if new fibre installation was required.

Since fibre is already installed in your building to serve neighbouring businesses, getting up and running is normally a “plug and play” situation where you can get online very quickly. While we can’t guarantee turnarounds, we’d expect the majority of new customers to be connected within days.