Achieve Continuous and Autonomous Cloud Governance

Build a secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure with NextGen multi-cloud governance. Actualize cloud governance best practices for cloud operations, security, compliance...

Optimize Cloud Costs

Assess FinOps maturity and efficiently manage multi-cloud costs with financial accountability, budgets and forecasts through a unified and seamless experience. Automatically discover cost optimization opportunities.

Identify and Mitigate Security Threats

Proactively govern security operations autonomously. Streamline SecOps with a real-time, unified visibility into security threats, attacks and vulnerability data, and enable remediation for assured security.

Achieve Continuous Cloud Compliance

Achieve continuous cloud compliance against the evolving industry and regulatory standards and best practices such as ISO, NIST, CIS Azure, CIS AWS, FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Run Highly Available and Lean Operations

Efficiently govern multi-cloud operations with improved productivity and assured repeatability through a rule-based orchestration and seamless experience. Continuously assess maturity of CloudOps, gain visibility, and integrate with custom enterprise workflows for efficient cloud operations.

Build an Efficient and Profitable Cloud MSP Practice

Embrace cross-customer, multi-cloud governance and orchestration capabilities to bring in efficiencies and consistently meet project SLAs.

Offer World-class Learning Experience with Automated Training Labs

Free the Learners and Trainers from the cumbersome lab set-up tasks. Optimize costs by automating the entire lifecycle of the labs.

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