Increase Passenger Engagement

  • Provide completely personalised customer interactions with next generation mobile messaging and mobile marketing.
  • Adapt your service to meet changing demographics and needs, and optimise experience.
  • Reach customers quickly and cost-effectively with our Mobile Messaging service.
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Create experiences

    Integrate social media, messaging apps and chatbots into your contact centre with our InstaCC Hosted Contact CentreTM solution.

    Design new experiences by including omni-channel real-time communications in your apps via APIs.

    Enable seamless communication across your infrastructure with Tata Communications MOVETM IoT Connect:

  • Connect aircraft, air crew and ground crew teams and equipment
  • Extend the corporate fixed WAN to include devices on the move.
  • Analyse and act on data to enhance operations, improve efficiency and protect assets.
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Manage Risks

  • Our networks are monitored by algorithms looking for anomalous activity to stop DDoS attacks and hacks.
  • AI adds to the power of these algorithms, while an extra layer of security anticipates and deals with threats.
  • We offer Identity-as-a-Service - Single Sign On to help you authenticate employee, partner and passenger users.
  • Our in-country cloud infrastructure helps you comply with local data sovereignty needs.
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Improve customer interaction and increase satisfaction through mobile service innovation, all powered by innovative Tata Communications.

In today's competitive market, personalised customer service and excellent experience management are critical growth drivers. Move beyond traditional solutions to meet this demand and raise your game by building solutions that manage the complete digital customer experience and engagement.

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Our multi-layered, integrated and trusted security framework defends your organisation from attacks on networks, endpoints, applications, data, identity, and infrastructure.

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Our MOVETM platform provides the network independent, cross-border cellular connectivity you need to deliver transformational international IoT services. So you can focus on the IoT service, while we take care of the global connections including last mile cellural and radio access.

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