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September 30
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Tools for Every Stage of DevOps

CI/CD is made up of several capabilities which contribute to a high-quality and efficient development lifecycle.


Use shared space to visualize and prioritize work for seamless collaboration, even across remote teams.


Automate the building of your code every time you check in to help you fix bugs early for fast and smooth development.


Automatic guidance during coding and thousands of static checks improve code quality and prevent vulnerabilities.


Ensure your app's performance with an array of automated tests in countless configurations.


Tie all your CI/CD automation together with overarching tools for control and visibility.


Manage and store your app, easily push it to any environment and share it with the wider community.

Success Stories

While adoption of CI/CD practices across Amex is still growing, it has already led to some great successes.

Crunching the Numbers

CI/CD adoption has led to plenty of fascinating figures already!

Lines of code analyzed for bugs & vulnerabilities
Test cases run in 2018
Confluence sites with 50K users
CI/CD team members
CI or CD pipelines executed in 2018
BitBucket projects

Learn more about CI/CD

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Product Announcements

Check out the latest hot releases and features in our ever-growing automation toolset.


Get a snapshot of CI/CD tool usage across Amex, from the top level to individual apps, and see how your team compares.

Velocity Dashboard

Delve into more detailed reporting on tool usage across CI/CD capabilities and time periods.

Community Help

Got a question you want expert help with? Reach out to peers here.

Meet the Team

Get to know the automation experts powering our CI/CD revolution.