Build a cognitive enterprise network ecosystem

    Quality of experience
    • Intelligent application-aware routing
    • Dynamic network traffic load balancing
    • Single SLA for all networks
    • Ready to deploy Industry specific solutions
    • Easy and quick network provisioning
    Reliable & resilient networks
    • Software-defined network overlay to manage E2E networks including transport layers
    • MPLS like enterprise grade internet
    • Bring-your-own-network
    Enhanced agility
    • Feature-rich & easy to use self-service portal
    • TNaaS platform orchestrater
    • Hybrid Network Test Factory
    • Fully Managed Support
    Enhanced security
    • Inbuilt multi-layered security and encryption
    • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Solutions
    • Centralised policy manager
    TCO optimised
    • Platform driven NaaS model
    • Dynamic network traffic load balancing
    • Single pane of glass for network analytics