Ride our network

Welcome aboard. Buckle up and prepare to learn how you can provide uninterrupted digital experiences around the world with a mix of fixed, 4G and 5G connectivity for your business.

Satellite Services

When you need connectivity anywhere; our satellite services provide two-way connectivity services to your sites nearly anywhere in the world, with an availability of 99.9%. They're suitable for IP-VPN traffic, public internet traffic, data circuits and more. You can use it for nearly anything you'd use your normal WAN connection for, including VoIP.

Ideal for remote telemetry, collaboration and business continuity, it's a great choice whether you're monitoring a wind farm in the Outer Hebrides, conducting scientific exploration in the Amazon rainforest, or simply in need of backup connectivity for important sites. Offering speeds of up to 10Bit/s, they're safe, secure and always available.