Occupancy Sensors

Provide your clients with an improved employee experience through the display of available spaces in real-time and the workplace analytics insights needed to optimize space.

Digital IFM Platform

A centralized portal to create workplace tickets, or service requests, to notify the appropriate team of workplace issues as you come across.

Transit & Parking Management

Manage and optimize the influx of vehicles, and help you to control access to parking locations, access management, and payment systems.

Robot Vacuum

Maintain a high standard of cleaning with a robotic solution designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees.

Food Apps

Enhance your workplace food experience through apps that deliver convenience, customization, and the right information at the right time.

Room Booking Management

Effortlessly manage bookings for all your meeting rooms and related resources, saving staff time and reducing the risk of errors and double bookings.


Allows you to fully immerse into building maps, helping to first virtually plan, design and build facilities, and then manage equipment and infrastructure.

Digital Check-in & Signage

Streamline the check-in process of your visitors with self-serve options and alert employees when their visitors have arrived.

Environmental Sensors

Get an insight of occupancy trends like air quality, temperature, etc. to evaluate, monitor, control and conserve energy - resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and reduced carbon emissions.

Workplace Utilisation Analytics

Get actionable insights to guide future strategies and help you make informed decisions about cost, quality, and performance—ensuring your workplace stays best in class.

Computer Vision

Detect and monitor unauthorized access to restricted spaces and systems, thus providing a secure environment for protecting your resources.

Space Booking App

Help manage an inventory of reservable space across multiple facilities, along with reservable time slots allowing employees to reserve, manage their reservations, and then monitor space usage over time.

Indoor Navigation

Help new users identify/navigate any specific hub spots in the workplace. Notify them about roadblocks, alternative routes with details to let them avert any confusions and reach their destinations effortlessly.

Digital Assistant

Self-service chatbots that help you to manage the mundane tasks, saving time and reducing staff time and improving productivity.