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Vyvx Broadcast

Lumen® Vyvx® Broadcast Solutions

Lumen® Vyvx® Broadcast Solutions delivers seamless global live streams and videos. That's whether it’s for live sports, broadcast events, breaking news or full-time global distribution to cable, IPTV, Internet or other direct-to-home platforms. A customizable set of global video contribution and distribution services means you can choose your format and bandwidth. And it's all delivered over our global, broadcast-quality fiber network.

Business solutions:
  • Global video broadcast services portfolio — offering simplicity, flexibility, and convenience. It's built around a new generation of video services designed to deliver rich media content to more than 450 core markets in over 45 countries.
  • 24x7 quality assurance and monitoring — we provide a fully managed video delivery solution for full-time and occasional use. Our 24x7 booking center, customer care center and self-service portals support your video delivery virtually anywhere, at any time.
  • End-to-end, reliable solutions — that avoid the need to develop your own infrastructure. Vast bandwidth, global connectivity, transmission management and support services combine to form end-to-end solutions for moving video from the source to your audience.
Media Transformation

Media Transformation

Lumen® Media Transformation offers cloud encoding, transcoding, enrichment and packaging of live, linear and on-demand content over the internet.

Harness the full power of the internet and cloud services with our fully managed Media Transformation solution to quickly scale for fast global content delivery. Our content enrichment features include dynamic ad-insertion (DAI), time-shifting, digital rights management (DRM), blackout and geographic filtering, closed-captioning and subtitling, loudness control, encoding ladder support.

  • Enhanced flexibility and control via modular software
  • Easily turn up or down services with no hardware deployment. Modular, cloud-based software simplifies the enrichment process and allows to choose the advertising, protection, processing and encoding features you need.

  • Maximize IT resources and deliver fast
  • The cloud offers capabilities that minimize the time, effort and investment needed to get up and running.

  • Single vendor end-to-end solution
  • By acquiring, enriching and transforming your content, delivering on our CDN, video management becomes easy.

Application Delivery

Application Delivery Solutions

Our application delivery solutions offer you a new level of control to deploy workloads where your customers need them — running on the world’s most-connected CDN. Use our container-based edge framework to build onto the Lumen global infrastructure. Or choose from an ecosystem of pre-integrated modules for more distributed compute flexibility than ever before.

Business solutions:
  • Application protection
  • Holistic, enterprise-class security features such as Web Application Firewall and Bot Risk Management, and API protection offers robust security round the clock.

  • Application performance
  • Engineering teams can build and deliver applications through a rich ecosystem of performance solutions that run seamlessly on the underlying Lumen infrastructure.

  • DevOps integration
  • Move more logic to the edge and test configurations in your development, testing and staging environments. Speed up deployment cycles and automate workflows with extensible APIs.

Content Delivery

Mesh Delivery

Lumen® Mesh Delivery offers online broadcasters and over-the-top (OTT) providers cost-effective performance and scalability when bandwidth demand peaks. It uses hybrid peer-assist technology to dynamically retrieve video content from the most efficient source.

  • High performance
  • Our combined CDN and peer-to-peer technology enables high performance and a quality end user experience — even during the most demanding traffic spikes.

  • Scalability
  • With Lumen® Mesh Delivery, you can provide reliable, high-quality video across the globe by establishing a remote delivery network among viewers — regardless of proximity to the CDN.

  • Increased capacity
  • By leveraging a peer-to-peer network with Lumen® Mesh Delivery, you are removing pressure away from your Content Delivery Network. This enables faster load times, lower re-buffering rates, and lower cost!