Hosted contact centers are the way of the future

To benefit from this cloud-based service, you must see exactly how it works and how it integrates with your current systems. Then the growth can begin.

Why you need a Hosted Contact Center

Why would you want a hosted contact center? What can it do for you? What problems might it solve? This thorough presentation will detail all of that and much more so there's no confusion.

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Challenges of a Hosted Contact Center

Curious or worried about what pitfalls or vulnerabilities a hosted contact center might bring to your business? This eBook will walk you through all of them and reveal the truth.

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All about InstaCC Global™

Moving your contact center to the cloud? Lean more about our Unified Communications & Collaboration service capabilities and how we can help transform your business.

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Customer stories: SBI case study

The challenge: To help State Bank of India, India's leading bank, better manage its contact centers worldwide and service its high net-worth individual (HNI) customers

The solution: InstaCC Global™, a pre-integrated, omni-channel contact center solution seamlessly integrated with multiple internal SBI systems, giving customers an exceptional video, voice and web-chat enabled service experience.

The result: Deployed in a record-setting 90 days, the SBI Exclusif platform offers high performance, omni-channel communication between HNIs and RMs in eWealth centers across India—with 200 new wealth-management customers enrolled in the first month!
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