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Whether you are looking to help your people work smarter and collaborate across geographies, supporting multiple offices, sites and assets (and the growing demand for bandwidth) or looking for innovative ways to improve customer experience to grow your business - we can support your business collaboration and communications objectives - wherever you need it.

Start shaping your world of work today.

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When you can flex your communications your journey becomes so much easier.

Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral is a uniquely flexible communications and collaboration solution that will help you take control and become more agile, efficient and fit for the future. Combine phone, video, messaging and file sharing from anywhere - plus so much more. Built with flexibility at its heart, to make life simpler for you.

Flexible for more efficiency and control
Flexible for more efficiency and control

Intuitive features, in-built security and 99.99% service uptime and real-time customisable analytics make your communications easy to use and manage, boosting efficiency.

Administrators can quickly control the number of users through our simple self-service portal, making it easier to stand up new sites as well as manage contractors and new starters instantaneously.

Flexible around
your plans
Flexible around your plans

Our options are transparent and flexible. And with our modular bundles, you only pay for what you need as well choose the right type of licensing to suit your user --groups whether they are office-workers, field workers or a mix of both.

Plus, we can help you grow further with wired, wireless and cloud-based solutions that can combine with Vodafone Business UC to deliver outstanding customer and user experiences.

Flexible around
your tech
Flexible around your tech

Designed with an open ecosystem, access to thousands of APIs, a large developer community and hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations to popular cloud apps, Vodafone Business UC will easily adapt to your current infrastructure with.

From prevention to protection, your data and comms are secured - and your business can stay connected during outages and network attacks with a system fortified by seven layers of security.

Flexible for your
Flexible for your employees

Our expertise in mobility has helped us create a truly mobile UC solution designed with a mobile-first mindset. Seamlessly switching between mobile and desktop with a consistent experience on any device, anywhere will help users collaborate wherever they are with minimal fuss.

Users can also benefit from a single personal number they can use across devices, covering local and long-distance calling to any number - landline and mobile.